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Taste and enjoy

Introduce yourself to our wine assortment in a familiar atmosphere and learn more about the production, the region and of course our outstanding wines. You will certainly find your favorite.

Winery Tour

Immediately after wine-tasting you get the chance to explore our manufacture of sparkling wine. You will be able to look behind the scenes and learn something about how vintner's sparkling wine is created and the different techniques behind the creation today.

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Winery Tour / Wine Tasting

One glass of sparkling wine
wine for reception & tour
€ 7/person

Tour and tasting
(4 wines)

€ 10/person
Tour and tasting
(6 wines)
€ 12/person
Tour and tasting
(8 wines)
€ 14/person

Minimum number of participants:: 10 persons

Prior registration is required.

Due to construction reasons people with limited mobility should not join the guided tour.


Tours are also available on Sundays and bank holidays for an extra charge of € 2/person and a minimum number of 20 participants.

Foto: Winery Tour / Wine Tasting.